Friday, May 20, 2016

Music Video Finale

P1T6 Stay from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.
Embedded VIMEO & 3 unique Behind The Scenes

Cite Musician & 2 minutes of the Song Lyrics used

Our story line is about Kyler cheating on Lani, Talia and I. We were all sad and so was he because he loved all of us and didn't want to chose one of us. He was sad and upset because he wanted all of us to stay, but he hurt us. It related to our lyrics because the song is Stay by Rhianna, and it's about wanted people to stay and not leave. I think that our song is making our story come together and really work out perfectly!

My favorite fast-edit montage sequence is is of Kyler. The lighting is perfect so it makes him look like he's glowing. I also like another fast edit montage sequence of Talia, Kyler and I. Again, the lighting is amazing and we acted very well in it. We have a very good amount of fast-edit montage sequences in our story, and I'm very proud of all of them.
My music video showcases our best work by having really good sequences of wide, medium, and close. We also used some good filming techniques like rule of thirds, etc. We edited together all of our lip-syncs perfectly to make it look like we were actually singing, and I think that is a good example of our best work also. We have so many really clear focused shots with perfect lighting which make our video so much better. This is the last blog post I will ever post to my blog, so see you never!!!! Peace.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Animated Life Lessons

P1T5 Students Hate Assignment from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Some of my team's personal character traits included Alani's hunger sneeze, Tessa's clumsiness, Chazz's negativity, and Asha's perkiness. We exaggerated those traits by making them occur more often than they do in real life. We all acquire the traits that we exaggerated, but we just embraced them a little bit more. The traits that we exaggerated made our story more humorous and entertaining.

We used humor in our story mostly by exaggeration. Alani doesn't sneeze that much when she's hungry, however she does sneeze once or twice. Tessa doesn't fall every 5 seconds either. We exaggerated their weird traits that make them different, and it added humor to our animation. It could relate to our audience because we all have those little weird things that we do, but they make us who we are.
I think that my team worked okay together. We did struggle with motivation and some other things, but I think we pulled it together. At times we would yell at each other, or scream. And at other times we would just give up. But then we just stuck with it and pulled ourselves together. Our level of productivity was okay, but not the best. We weren't do great at communicating with one another, but we worked that out. Our best moment during production was probably... okay we didn't really have one.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Character Development

Define myself? I'm weird, and I have certain humorous imperfections that make me who I am. For example, when it's raining on a Sunday, I get really sad. I don't really know why but I think it's because there's school the next day and it's raining so I can't go to the beach and there isn't much else to do. Another character trait I have is that when I get hungry or tired, I have a meltdown. Another thing I tend to do is when I'm walking in public, I start thinking that other people are judging the way I walk, so then I start automatically walking weird and I can't stop. I have many of these imperfections, and they make me, me.

The character traits I plan to exaggerate are the way my character walks and moves. Another character trait I plan to exaggerate is how big they smile and how happy or bubbly they are. There are many different character traits I plan to incorporate. Just kidding I can't think of any but maybe more ideas will come lol.

First step to creating a personal gif is cutting out your body. Then you animate. Puppet warp is difficult, but watching video tutorials makes it a bit easier. Animating was not my forte. Every new movement you made, you had to have made a new frame and duplicate the layer.After you're finished animating, you have to save your file as a gif. I don't really like my finished gif. I made a pretty swaggy background though. I just don't really like how it isn't super creative.

Friday, March 11, 2016

.MOV Film Festival

My keywords connect with my audience because they're what the audience might feel or experience while watching the trailer. They are important because you have to think about what the audience will be thinking and feeling while watching your video to make it more enjoyable. My keywords are
adventurous, funny, creative, lighthearted, and amusing. My goal for the movie trailer is to make the audience laugh. The key words connect to that idea.

My overall message is that you don't have to be the smartest, or the strongest at what you're doing to succeed or be successful. It's important because if you don't think like this, you might lose hope and give up. We send this message by having Kurly save Kimchee, and show her struggles, but overcome them. Kurly isn't the best bodyguard... in fact she isn't a very well trained one either, but she still rescues Kimchee and saves the day.

The biggest team challenge that we faced was probably trying to schedule filming around our schedules because we all have sports almost every day. We each ended up having to skip a few practices, and we made it work. Another challenge that we faced was getting the best quality shots in stores in the mall where there isn't much room for tripods or even the kind of angles we needed.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tiny Spherical Worlds

The point of composite images is to capture all of the elements of numerous images in one final product. It helps create a variety of shots with the same subjects and compress them into one photo. Composite images create a better developed image than just a regular photo because it captures all colors, light and subjects. I think that composite images make the overall product much better than just normal photos. They capture many more details, and provide a better range of colors.

The difference between polar and spherical panoramas are quite obvious when you see them both next to each other. Spherical panoramas are from a perspective that makes it look almost like you're looking upward at the subject. Polar panoramas are made to make it look like you're looking down on the subject, almost as though you're looking down from the sky or outer space. The perspectives are much different, but they may seem alike when you first catch a glimpse of them.

There are many things that make my finished tiny worlds convincing. First, I edited it to make it look as seamless as I could. I also used a smudge brush to better line up the horizon when there were flaws in creating my panoramas. I also skewed my portrait to make it look like the photo was taken from an angle. I also created a shadow for myself that isn't super noticeable but you can still see it.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hockney Style Joiners

David Hockney's photo montages are very different from mine. They are much better and have cooler effects. They also have more distortions and mine don't have too many. I like Hockney's montages more because of the effects, distortions, and better placement. Those are some ways that David Hockney's photo montages are different from mine.

Images can send different messages. Some may send positive messages, while other will send negative ones. They can send different messages a few different ways. One of the first ways is by expression. Another way is simply what the picture is taken of. Last is effects or even lighting. Those are a few ways how images can send positive or negative messages.

The message I want my audience to see is that the places we live are beautiful, and this earth is amazing! Another message I want my audience to see is that earth is beautiful and we must take care of it. I imply this message by the beautiful scenery displayed in my photo.

Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 Aspirations

I have five goals that I am going to try to achieve this new year. My first and most important goal is to become a better person. I will try to help people more when they need it and be there for them. This is an important goal because we all need friends and family and people to help us and guide us. My second goal is to become better at swim team and surfing. I want to be able to surf bigger waves and learn new tricks this year. I'll achieve this goal by practicing more. This goal is important because I enjoy surfing and swimming and want to become better. My third goal is to eat healthier. I eat pretty well usually but I could be healthier. My fourth goal is to do my homework more because I usually put it off and never do it. My fifth goal is to be happy more and smile more.

My most important goal is to eat healthier. This goal is most important to me because when I eat better I feel better through out the day, and when I feel better I am more energetic. Also, when I eat well I am nicer because when I'm hungry I'm a grumpy bear. Last, when I eat healthy it makes me not feel fat and sluggish haha.

One of the steps I'll take to accomplish my goal is to buy less junk food. I will also make healthier choices if I'm eating a restaurant. For example, I would chose salad instead of a burger. Another step that I will take is to chose to not order what is cheapest if I'm eating dinner without my parents, but to chose what would be a better option.